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Go Star Racing at the Cadwell British Superbike races 2004

Gavin, Kieran, Tom and myself (Chris M) went off to Cadwell Park to the BSB round by kind invitation of John & Sarah / Suzuki to help promote Go Star Racing Motorcycle Club, its sponsors and the Mini twin race series.

We went up on Saturday to get set up in the Suzuki village, with practice and qualifying on the Sunday, racing on the bank holiday Monday.

We took with us this time some clear plastic bags this time to hand out with info on our club, sponsors etc and some stickers. We handed out approx 250 of these “goody bags” to potential members and sponsors. It was a good fun weekend and we were kept busy all the time. Had a few beers in the evening to wind down.

The next round we have been invited to is at Donington on the 18th & 19th September. It’s the last round of the BSB for 2004 so we are bound to have a few beers to many on Saturday night so why not come and join us, it promises to be a good weekend !!

Special thanks to:

  • SDC performance
  • HTC tool company
  • Junction 25 M/Cycle breakers
  • Tim Jones (Minitwins)

Who helped sponsor the event financially (saved us using all of our money !!) and Chris Pippard for all the GSR literature.

It was well good at Cadwell warm on and off at night very cold though! me, dad, Chris n tom (in the back with the 2 bikes haha). went up in the van on Saturday and got to Cadwell at around 6-ish i think after a few dickheads not letting us in saying things like our tent will get ripped down n they will kick us out of the circuit we finally decided to camp out in the campsite and set the stand up in the Suzuki village in the morning. we also met up with a few r6 cup racers such as Bob Collins, Adam Lovett n others and watched a DVD with Bob in his caravan.

On the qualifying day we had loads of visitors to our stand and it helped alot with the goody bags and name tags. I had some japanese geezer come up to me thinking I was Kieran Clarke though haha. erm then there was race day and the Rizla Suzuki stand was attracting everyone away from ours with 2 Minimoto replicas of J.R n Yukio but still got lots of help and even dads talking to Q8 Oils to sponsor us next year whilst me, Tom n Marcus sat on top of the van to watch Kagayama win the 2nd race. also I'd like to say thanks to Marcus for his help all weekend.

I understand the reason for the Gostar members not coming up to Cadwell to see how we were gettin on didnt come cos of distance of Cadwell. just hope to see loadsa gostar members at donington bsb to help n drink our coffee haha.

I'll see loads of you at brands next weekend GOOD LUCK RUGGERS!!! and the rest

Kieran Wheeler, age 14[Chris Martin] (Dads age 4)



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