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Ride out - Formula 1 British Grand Prix May 2000

A last minute arrangement meant that myself (Jerome) and Sean were the beneficiaries of free grandstand tickets to the British round of Formula 1 Grand prix racing at Silverstone - courtesy of GO STAR director Charles Aghadiuno - Thanks Charles. As usual, rideouts end up with some kind of story to tell and this one was no different...

Myself & Sean agreed to meet at Scratchwood Services on the M1. Problem No.1 Scratchwood is no longer on the M1. Problem No.2 Sean thought the bulge in his jacket was his mobile - No it was his digital Camera

We eventually met up and arrived at Silverstone just in time for the Race. Getting into the circuit was trick on a road Bike. Rain had turned the Grass and slip roads into a muddy Bog. Somehow we managed it - not falling off. Amazing. 

Sean was extremely excited as he'd never seen a Formula One race. Words cannot explain his jubilation, but images of a small boy and Matchbox cars come to mind. 

We met up with Charles and watched the race, which was pretty good. We didn't hang around after as the heavens looked as though they were going to open. - And they did. 

Problem No.3 Sean didn't take his Waterproofs. We stopped under a bridge on the hard shoulder so he could get his circulation going again. All in all a good trip, no doubt improved with exceptional company from our man Sean.





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