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9 November 2001

Daytona Go-Karting

A number of Go Star members attended a Go-Karting event named REDEYE! Friday 9th November. The event organised by Felix Taggert of LondonGman.com took place at the Daytona Raceway in Park Royal. Familiar faces were Matt, Sean & Tony. The action started at 22:00 with Video presentation about the rules & do & don'ts of racing. As expected no one paid any attention except me! (Jerome).

After much championship talk amongst those around, including some young ladies!, practice got underway. As expected the regulars did well, - as well as those under 10 stone. Its my belief there should be a handicap system for light weights. There is in every other form racing.....sour grapes and all that.

Anyway practise finished and I took up position 14 on the grid, - disappointing I know, but what can you do. I looked to my right and saw Judith. I've never met her before but we smiled at each other, recognizing that our grid position meant we were definitely at the back.!. At that moment REDEYE syndrome kicked in, and I thought there's no way she's going to be in front of me at the first corner, despite the weight advantage.

The lights flicked green and the start was slow, but in true Schumacher style, I protected my line and blocked Judith and the rest of the pack behind me (2 others) into the first corner. After that I spent most of my time following or moving out the way for the string of light weights that flashed past with a distinct advantage. I had no idea where I was in the race, but it didn't matter. Just racing around the track on your own was fun enough.

The evening and race ended predictably with Sean complaining about his kart and coming last, Matt taking the winners accolade and Tony complaining that his kart was "drifting". These guys are obviously true racers. As for me it was an enjoyable evening, not too tiring, and keen to have another go.

I'd recommend anyone to take part, including ladies. The next event may well be in December, so look out for it on the website.

Many thanks to Felix of LondonGman.com for organising a good evening out.


-please Contact Us if you would like to take part in future Karting events. This is so as to gauge interest and contact you. Ps Sean did not complete the race - ed



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