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Well, after a bit of a break the newsletter is back and hopefully from now on, on a more regular basis. Although not a lot might have appeared to have been happening, the club management have been working hard over the past few months re-organising the club to arrange more events for members, creating a sponsorship proposal and preparing the race team for this season, see Ian’s report in the Race team news section.

We need your views
Last year was an educational year. The club growth was good and we had a few good events. The membership may not be the most vocal online but are certainly active offline with loads of event being successful. Organising events would be easier if members were more vocal. When we set up the Asparagus pub meets, few members would respond online to the event, however between 10 to 15 members regularly turned up to the event.

The club has a few event suggestions on the website forums, and we would really like to know what you think about them.

Your Newsletter
Over the next few months we would like to improve and expand the newsletter – this is the newsletter for YOUR club so take an active role and send us in some articles. They don’t have to be a masterpiece, I am more than happy to ‘tidy’ them a bit. So lets hear about your ride outs, trips, rallies, parties, your bike etc. just a few lines and maybe a photo would be great. Please send any articles or photos to me:

E-mail/Race team
The race team is extremely active on their racer-only group email. We like to involve club members as much as possible in the race team and all are welcome to be a part of it.

Please feel free to contact the management team about about anything

Ian Porter Club director
Sean Onipede General manager
Mike Sladden Forums manager
Chris Pippard Graphic design
Michelle Pye
Tony Bryant Race team
Chris Martin Race team
John Hewitt Race team and for those of you living North of Watford

Attaining our goal

Go Star Racing is a focused motorcycle club, whose aim is to form a WSB race team and also be represented all levels of motorcycle racing, as well as having a thriving social side to the club. We are currently restrained in what we can do mainly due to lack of manpower and time. We appreciate that some people may be put off volunteering to help because they do not like the words ‘management’ or ‘politics’ that can be associated with running a club, but we do not want the club to be aimless and a general free for all.

Go Star Racing is wholly run by volunteers who have joined the club as members. Members can volunteer to help out in what ever way they feel they can, and for however long they want to. We all have day jobs and this is only a (serious) hobby. We have identified that we could do with some more members willing to help the club with the following issues:


Sample pages
from the
sponsorship pack

We now have a sponsorship presentation both in printed and  digital format, but we need someone who is willing to seek out and approach companies and get them to part with enough sponsorship money to start a BSB team. Or could anyone give us any advice or guidance on the best way to find and approach companies.

Club Administration
We need someone who can do all or part of the following:

  • Send out welcome email to new applicants and prompt for membership fee
  • Receive and bank membership fee
  • Post membership card and welcome pack
  • Have all information in database including renewal dates
  • Prompt for renewal fee twice a year from due members

We could do with a bit of legal protection. It would be nice if our club has a set of terms and conditions that absolves the club from liability from accidents and injuries etc to members during club activities i.e. ride-outs etc.

Press Officer
We need someone to maintain contact with Local newspapers on behalf of interested racers to publicise there efforts as part of our sponsorship drive.

Other skills
If you have a skill that you think could be useful to the club please let us know. We do not know everything and are open to suggestions. Example, you may be a shoe polisher, willing to polish racers shoes? We did not think of it but it will make our racers more presentable. Or you have an A2 laser printer and are willing to print our stuff. What ever, let us know or come to a meet and have a chat.

Recent events

Christmas toy run
Turkey'sMichelle, Celeste and John S flew the flag for Go Star at the annual toy run from the Ace Cafe just before Christmas. The organisers were so impressed with their efforts that they got to follow Santa at the head of the run! A full report from Michelle can be found on the web site. Look out for details about the Easter egg run in April.

more info at Christmas Toy Run 2002


Karting at Daytona
The first club event of the year was a great success with 15 members battling it out at the Daytona kart track. A full report by Michelle can be found on the web site.

Go Karting @ Daytona Jan 03

Race Team news

The race team has acquired a new sponsor in the form of DCE Tuning. Dale Cooper is the tuning and engine specialist at DCE and in his short time with Go Star racing has already worked on one of our racers engines plus has been active answering technical questions within the members only forum pages. DCE Tuning can handle all your engine tune requirements:

The race team is also expanding with the addition of Gavin Wheeler who has changed from a standard Go Star member to a racer. The team will be more the merrier with his involvement.

The Go star race team has decided on a standard race bike colour scheme and Chris Martin one of our racers, was the first to convert his bike to this standard livery.

The team has also consolidated on a race team kit that will include the wearing of a black trouser or shorts and a uniformed grey short sleeved shirt with the clubs logo back and front. The professionalism of Go Star will hopefully make a big impact during the coming year.

As an incentive a number of racers have offered rides on their bikes in exchange for help at the track side and the response has been good with 4 - 5 members volunteering for this.
Look out V & M here we COME!
Race Team Director

Chris Martin’s CBR 600 in the new race team livery

Brands Hatch 8/9th March
Well what a weekend! Gavin having his first race and Ian out on his new bike, a GSXR1000. It was a mixed weekend with up's and down's both personally and also for Bemsee the organisation that manages these races. A full report and pictures on the weekend activities can be seen on the website. This year will be very important for Go Star in terms of establishing ourselves as a well-run club racing team within the UK from which to move further towards the BSB goal. The sun was shining although it was cold, and up to a dozen members and friends turned up over the weekend to check things out on the opening round of the season. There are a number of racers that are still getting prepared and within the next month we should be seeing more GSR racers at each round to add to the show.

A full report is now on the website. (click here) Gavin Wheeler GSR member turned racer, had this to say about his first race meeting:

‘I would like to thank everyone who came to Brands at the weekend to help and support us despite the dodgy weather. Thanks to ian and his wife for keeping me calm, Ivan for making me laugh, Sean for taking the piss, Tony N for getting me into it in the first place, But especially Chris for his help, advice and patience on both days (maybe you’ll make a proper racer out of me yet!!!). I haven’t stopped smiling or babbling on about it all day, driving anyone near me mad.

My phone hasn’t stopped ringing with new friends met at the weekend wanting to talk about it. The only way I can describe the feeling is, TOTALLY MAD, ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGEOUS, AND COMPLETELY NECESSARY.
Thanks again especially Chris.

GAVIN-W ROOKIE 600 #66 (totally hooked)
P.S. Kieran (his son -ed) says thanks to Sean for the wine gums!!!!!!!!!!!


This year we are planning to hold a wide range of different events. We plan to hold at least two events a month, one is the regular meeting at the Ace Cafe on the second Wednesday of every month for a drink and a chat and the second, various events like:

  • Trackdays
  • Ride-outs
  • Karting
  • Annual run to Amsterdam
  • Wheelie School
  • Attending BSB/WSB race meetings

Sean Onipede among his many other jobs is also now co-ordinating events so if you have any ideas or would like to organise an event then post your idea on the forums or e-mail him.

March/April events

29th March – Snetterton
Chris Martin’s ‘come back’ race, this will be his first meeting since 1992 when he returns riding his Honda CBR600.

5/6th April – Lydden
Ian Porter and Barry Lukehurst will be racing on both days along with David Daws, who will be riding his SV650 in the new ‘Mini-twins’ race series. Also Dale from DCE Tuning should be there on the Saturday, if anyone should need any technical advice. Check web site/forums for any last minute details.

9th April – Ace Cafe
Our regular monthly meeting at the Ace Cafe, a chance to meet other members and catch up first hand on all the gossip.

20th April Easter Sunday
 – Come and join the fun at Thruxton
What better way to spend Easter Sunday, than raising much needed funds for Naomi House Children’s Hospice, and enjoying a day at the 3rd race of the British Super Bikes season. A great day for friends and family. Children under 16 admitted free. Full price list available on request.

Fancy Dress is optional, and collecting funds for the hospice is greatly appreciated.

Naomi House Children's Hospice is situated in Sutton Scotney (close to Thruxton). They have at present around 40 children in the hospice, and are in need of new stimulating Video's, DVD's, books etc. Our aim is to raise as much money as possible to help buy these products.
Forms can be obtained by downloading it from our website or by contacting
Michelle Pye on:
Tel: 01235 553517
Mobile: 07901 551898

more details at BSB Easter Fund Raiser 2003

So please get downloading now and badger your friends and family for donations so we can raise as much money as we can for this cause.



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