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Club newsletter July 2002


The club has had a lot of activity since our last newsletter.

Track days
The track day was a success and some of the members are asking for more. So we are organising 2 more track days and they will be on:

  • Sunday 11th August Lydden Hill (£99 to members)

  • Saturday 14th September Donington (£140 to members)

Add £10 if you are a non member. As usual there will be experienced club members to help on the day and snacks and drinks to keep you all happy.  More information on this soon.

Amsterdam Trip
A few members ran off on the annual pilgrimage to Amsterdam. Since there were only 4 going, a friend was able t put us all up. We should be making a return journey in the last week of July 2003. All members are invited. A full report on this years trip soon.

There are rumours of a possible trip to Valencia around October this year. More information on this soon.

There is also talk from the club manager about organising a ladies only piss-up. So if you are a guy. You will have to shave your legs, slip on your tights and whip out your lipstick to be there. There are more social events being considered.

At the moment we have two group emails, one for club announcements gostar@yahoogroups.com and the
Gostar-racing@smartgroups.com email for banter, uploading pictures etc.

The yahoo group email allows us to automatically subscribe all members to a mailing list but the smart group email requires us to invite members first before that member can registers to join on the smartgroups site. However we have found that too many members couldn’t be bothered to register when invited for various reasons. This has led to little or no email banter amongst members.

To this end we are going to set up a new gostar-chat@yahoogroups.com email account for email banter which we will automatically subscribe all members to. We appreciate that some members will not like to have their mail accounts full of idle banter hence they will be able to unsubscribe to it once it has been set up or register to view the email banter online only. Registration to view email online is a bit complicated and I will post instructions online as soon as I have worked it out.

We are trying to increase the sense of community and friendship amongst all members. Hence the revamp of the group email.

Club activities
Also we are looking to trying to organise more ride-outs, touring trips and social evenings. However we need volunteers to lead ride-outs, touring trips and propose social events as the club officers cannot be at all club events. If you can assist us with any of these issues please contact the club (club@gostar-racing.com). The club will be publishing an online survey form that all club member (and non members) can fill in, so that we can better understand our membership.

The club is putting together a member’s pack which would contain your membership card, a few bike stickers a welcome letter and a few of our business supporters flyers. They would have been sent out by now but for equipment failure and other problems. The largest problem is time. There is only so much one can do after working hours and weekends. The club launched its new club T-shirt and stickers at the last track day. The T-shirts are good quality with the club logo on the front and back and are priced at £12. As soon as we have a moment we will publish pictures of them on the website.

A merchandise catalogue is also being put together as we speak, there will be mens, ladies and childrens tops, fleeces etc available in various colours and sizes all at very reasonable prices.

Race Team

The club wants to start a new arm of the racing team. It would be a data collection and analysis team made up of club member (not racers). The aim of this team would be to time as many racers (especially GSR racers) between the entry and exit points of corners on a race track. This information can be used to inform our racers which corner they are on the limits on and where they have work to do. The racers can easily find out how quick they are in a straight line by having their bikes Dyno'd but cornering usually involves a bit of trail and error and experience. We would like to eliminate this by providing our racers with hard data. More information on this soon.

On the racing front we have secured a number of product support sponsors for the race team over the last month. These sponsors were ATOM HYDRAULICS providing discounts on Morris oils and Lloyds Lifestyle providing discounted race clothing helmets and gloves for ACU license holders. Details on how to obtain these racers benefits are as always within the member’s only area of the site

Race day tickets
A few new procedures on managing spare racing tickets are now in place, that should hopefully ease the race day phoning around required to collect spare tickets on the day. Lets hope everyone remembers to implement these procedures and use the gostar@yahoogroups.com mailing list to inform and notify everyone else of the ticket plan.

Currently a number of Go Star racers are taking a mid season sabbatical for one reason or another; buying and prepping a bigger better bike, tuning enhancements and general repairs. With the number of Go Star riders this should not pose a problem as there are always more riders to fly the flag at a number of national and club events.

A number of new but experienced racers are also in the process of joining us or have already joined us. We know that we have a structure that can offer short and long term benefits to rookie and experienced racers and we are delighted with the current new crop of racers joining us and what their joining represents in terms of belief, trust and all that good stuff that cannot be easily measured.

Race Team Co-ordinator required
The Race Team is also getting to the stage were additional Race team management people are needed to co-ordinate the logistics around who is racing where and when, what communal pit lane garage to hire, when to get our team photographer to an important meeting and so on. We are hence advertising for a Race Team Co-ordinator from within Go Star or to recruit an external person. Step forward and don’t be shy…. contact race@gostar-racing.com or the club.

More concrete foundations are always being laid for an effective structured Race team and club as we press on towards the ultimate objectives.



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