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There are a couple of club events planned for the immediate future and ALL members are invited to both. They are the

GSR Track Day 15 July (click here for details )
The Amsterdam Run 2002 (click here for details )

Both are taking place on the same week so if you are planning to go to both you might has well take the week off. The track day is hopefully the first off many track days to be run by Go Star Racing. If you have never been on a track day, this would be a good opportunity to have a go. Snetterton is novice friendly race track with easy corners. (See Snetterton ). There will be other club members there who were obviously once novices and know how you will be feeling. (See Novice guide to track days ). We will also be taking official club and race team pictures on the day for the website and promotional material. So please let’s make this day a success. Contact john@gostar-racing.com 

The  Amsterdam Run is a mini bike holiday. A 70 mile dash to Harwich (from London), 3½ hour lazing on a ferry (or overnight) to “Hook of Holland” then a 60 mile run to Amsterdam. We leave early on Thursday morning and return on Sunday evening. Amsterdam has loads of B&B at a reasonable price and there are loads to see and do. All are invited (male OR female). Contact sean@londongman.com  

There are also events discussed by members in the clubs members only forums like ride-outs to Ace café, the Simmer Dim Rally etc. If you have not joined the Smartgroup forums send an email to club@gostar-racing.com and an invitation will be sent back to you. To join is easy, quick, painless and best of all free. If you want to host an official club event see the member’s only website archives for details

The club recently had a club General Meeting on Wednesday last week. The meeting was a success. Samples of stickers and t-shirts were bought along (thanks John Hewitt) and finalised. The club logo, stickers and banners images were finalised by Chris Pippard who also agreed to manage the club’s future brand image, club presentations, logo, banners and general graphics designs. He will be looking at the website to see how it can be brought in line with the club’s current image. The main issue discussed was Sponsorship. Issues discussed and agreed on were

  • What was the sponsorship for
  • Where we can get sponsorship
  • How to approach potential sponsors
  • And what next  and who does what

All issues were satisfactorily resolved and a plan has been put in place to achieve our objectives. We also agreed on a club banner and A-board for the pit lanes. Other general issues put forward by members were discussed and satisfactorily resolved. Due to some members living far from London we agreed to have regional contacts where needed. Weekly ride-outs to various biking venues was proposed and agreed. Details of the meeting will be published in the member’s only website soon.

The next Club General meeting will be on Wednesday 10 July at the ace Café. The subject for discussion will be How to improve Club Membership. All members that would like to add to the discussion are invited or can send issues for the agenda to webmaster@gostar-racing.com . We will also finalise this month issues and any general issues that crop up by then.

The club has new sponsors for the racers in the shape of Lloyd’s Lifestyle and Motrax (Morris Race oil). We are constantly on the lookout for businesses willing to offer discounts for ALL members. We currently have Essential Rubber (tyres) and Zoom products (EBC products and more) offering significant discounts on products for our members. Unofficially, Lloyd’s Lifestyle may be able to offer discounts to .......................

 See online for more details (Sponsors )

The club has finalised details for club merchandise. We may not have the range of a “Next” catalogue but it is a start. We are planning on t-shirts, jackets and fleeces. Also stickers and race team sticker packs for road bikes. That way your road bike can look like our race team bikes. Personally, I want that sexy belly pan sticker on my Thundercat and I am sure some of you do too.

Thank you all for your support and remember we are a non-profit, volunteer run club. Anyone that would like to get involved in the club or race team can send the club an email. We will be going through the club application forms soon, to contact members who expressed a desire to be more involved in the club to come forward. We are working very hard in our spare time to make every ones time in our club a pleasure.



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