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Ride out - Peak District - September 2000.

Myself (Jerome-Bandit 600) and mate (Aprila Pegaso 650) from work decided to take a long weekend - Fri to Mon to bike it around the famous peak district. We rode up the M1 into Nottingham/Long Eaton as I wanted to visit a Trail Bike shop. We got there about 12:00 and didn't leave until around 16:00. We test rode virtually every Bike in the shop, until I finally decided to buy one. I left a deposit and we continued on our merry way. The shop owner steered us down to a place called Matlock Bath. We got there and set-up tent. Shit it was cold. We got a cab into town and spent the entire evening moving between pubs and clubs. The place was a bit dry, but ok. We got back to base camp around 02:00. As usual, it was difficult to sleep being so cold, so we were up at 06:00 and had to wait until 09:00 for breakfast. - Man, that was a long wait. 

We packed up and decided to head into Wales, passing through Snake Pass inn and onto the coast to a place called Abersrwtyh. The roads in the Welsh country side resemble those in the continent. Excellent scenery and quality tarmac. Enough Super Bikes were out caning it around most. Snake Pass Inn is basically a Pub that's now up for sale. Its located off a road that was built at the bottom a ravine that flows through the Welsh mountain side. Although the roads are twisty and good quality, you have to temper your temptation to speed, as the Welsh police like to go SuperBike hunting. - On more than one occasion we were signalled/warned by riders of speed traps.

We reached Abersrwtyh around 16:00 and found a cheap bed & breakfast. Having had a decent Shit, shave & shower, we hit the town. Being a University town it was full of pubs clubs and restaurants. Feeling hungry we took in an Indian. It was the best Indian I've ever had. - Light of Asia. Following that we followed everyone else on the street and ended up queuing at night club by the sea front. We got in and boy was the place packed. Mostly student types. The DJ seemed to like Techno music, so we didn't really get into the groove until near the end when he lightened up with some dance music. - then we boogied. I was surrounded by 3 young girls who wanted me to dance with them. Unfortunately they were the same age as my niece. Bloody hell they start young. The night ended around 03:00.

We headed home the following morning. Using mostly motorway, we came back via the new Severn Bridge. All in all, a good long weekend of riding, pubbing and clubbing.




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