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a member went to the Ultimate Street Car 2004

Many members have cars or know someone that owns a car so we have a report of the “... the best outdoor car show in Europe” - Ultimate Street Car 2004 event at Santa Pod that a member went to.

Visit the Ultimate Street Car 2004 for more car madness and a massive picture gallery.

comments as posted on our Forums by Sean O

"I finally decided to go to this event this morning and it was nice. I went solo but met Rob at the place. Cost £20 to get in. Tried to register to get a few runs in but apparently I needed my driving licence, which I forgot at home and later found out that no bikes were running today.

Saw an impressive driving display by a guy doing a burn–out in circles in 2 cars at same time. He would get one car spinning then jump into another and get that spinning on the spot until you could not see the cars for the smoke.

Highlight was really the jet powered “car”. The noise and smoke as to be seen to be believed. I was standing well behind the “car”, in the stands and had to move due to the heat of its engines. Found this link to a picture of the car http://www.au004a2814.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/fireforce.html

Also saw this car and was surprised that the front wheels actually turn and it has a reverse gear. The tyres are fat but as it accelerates down the track, the centrifugal force causes it wheels to go narrow. Big engine. They say, “There is no replacement for displacement”

Here is the stereotypical bike engine go kart. Very rapid and insane, but then, I ride a bike engined 2 wheeler everyday.

There were so many people in so many different types of cars. More than 10% of the drivers were ladies and they were very rapid in a variety of cars. Most of the cars would cost more to insure than the value of my bike. And my bike will piss over most of the crs there but that is not the point for these people.

Regardless of it being an expensive Nissan Skyline or cheap old Vauxhall Nova they have lavished upon their car a lot of tender loving care and time (and shit loads of money). It becomes more than a car. It becomes grounds for a divorce.

Good day in all with lots to see on and off track.

More pictures

The jet engine car with the "hood" up, I checked i am preety sure the driver/pilot sits on the engine The crowd feeling the heat from the jet engine. it got much worse!! sight down the quarter mile another funny car


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