Croix en Ternois 13-12 July 03


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This was rounds 13 and 14 of the National Championships and rounds 6-7 of the King of Clubs championships
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Go-Star Racers in attendance were,

  • Barry Lukehurst, GSXR 600 Clubman/Supersport 600's
  • William Gabrielli, RS250-Rookie 400's
  • David Daws - Suzuki SZ650 Minitwins

Go-Star Supporters in attendance were,

  • Rodders (reporter),
  • Leigh
  • Becca

I do apologise for the length of time sense my last report gentleman and ladies of Go-Star. But work has kept me busy as is peak season now and time off is precious.

Well this is the report for the French round of the King Of Clubs Championship. In attendance were Barry Lukehurst, William Gabbrielli, David Daws as the racers ,and Leigh, Becca and myself.

We took the 7:30am shuttle through Eurotunnel ,there were no delays and it was a smooth crossing ,getting us there at just gone 9:00am French local time. The journey to the track was uneventful, as the directions on the Bemsee site were very clear and easy to understand, there was only one toll as well which was quite a result.
The weather was absolutely scorching all weekend ,this made setting up everything a little sweaty to say the least. But once it was done we could relax under the gazebo, and watch the UK track day that was in progress at the time ,the organiser's of the trick day were offering all the afternoon sessions to Bemsee members for £50 ,which to me did not seem to bad ,only a few took them up on the offer with about 4 or so riders in the fast group, all afternoon.

Well Friday morning came round after a sweaty night in the tent's .First out for practice was Barry .Unfortunately he only managed one and a half sessions out on track before disaster struck, in the form of an over zealous 600 rider (no shocks there really), who ran straight in to the side of Barry, knocking him off and sending his freshly painted bike into the gravel trap !!!The air was blue to say the least on his return to the gazebo !!!So that was Barry's day over with really ,as repairs took most of day, and he only made it back out for the last sessions of the day.

William(Gab's) was next up for practise ,but unfortunately his luck was no better than Barry's, with him pulling over after the first few laps with the bike over heating badly. This was the end of his day on Friday and Saturday, as it did not become apparent until late Saturday that the newly plated barrel he had just put on was warped. He made it out for Sunday's two races .

Saturday was the first day of racing ,and with only Barry competing today, it was fairly relaxed round the gazebo. He went out in Supersport 600's and it was a fierce field, actually every class was exceptional to say the least with the track record in every class being wasted at least once over the weekend !!!!He managed to get a 22nd in the first race and 19th in the second race ,it was a good showing from Barry in a very competitive field. He also competed in Clubman 600's as well ,where he managed to get 15th and a point in the bag for his season.

Sunday arrived ,and like the last few day's was a scorcher ,I don't think any day it dropped below 28 degree's, Barry was out in Supersport 600,s and managed to get 20th and 19th respectively. With the like's of a certain Mr Kenny Burns(the next King Kenny maybe) in the race's it was an amazingly quick group all weekend .He then went out in Clubman 600's as well ,where he gained a 14th and two point's ,so all in all a good weekend .

David DawsGab's was out in Rookie 400's ,after he had rectified the earlier problems with his RS 250 Aprillia. He started from back of the grid in the first race and managed to fight his way through the pack to finish in 10th .In the next race he started in 10th position and unfortunately went back a place to cross the finish line in 11th place ,so he has earned some valuable points towards his championship this season .Lets hope that this is the last of his problems ,as he has been plagued by engine problems over the last few rounds .
Unfortunately David has beaten me in reporting how his weekend went ,but it took the pressure of me so thanks.

From now on I will do a report and accompanying photo's for who ever is in the same garage as Barry and Gab's ,this should not be a problem though as it seems we are getting more organised in this area ,which can only benefit everyone, racers and spectators a like.
My next report will be from Cadwell Park ,on the 15th and 16th of august. Hope to see some if not all of you there.

Regards Rodder's.


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