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Mallory Park 26th May 2003, Derby Phoenix

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Oh dear, what a disappointment - Mallory wasn't the greatest of race meets I've had.

Things started badly on Monday morning - I had to get up at 5.30 after about 4 hours sleep so I was knackered already. Then because I was half asleep I managed to rip the skin off one the tip of one of my fingers when loading the bike. It now looks and feels a lot less dramatic than it did on Sunday morning, but at the time it hurt like hell, was bleeding like there was no tomorrow, and generally p*ssed me off - Injured before I've even swung a leg over the bike.

Anyway, got to Mallory to see brilliant sunshine, so at least things were looking good on the weather front, but I still felt tired and kind of had a hung over feel (even though I hadn't had anything to drink on Sunday).

First race was the 250 - 1300cc allcomers event which had me at15th on the grid. Got a great start (something like 8th into the first corner), a few people came past on the brakes into the new section, Edwinas, and then I held the position, keeping close to the leaders. Then the race was stopped because someone had come off at Edwinas, the first of many accidents on that corner (I think about 22 out of 25 races were stopped because of crashes at the new bit. The problem is that after the start you all stream around Gerards exiting this at around 100 mph accelerating hard for another 200yrds before you have to brake like hell for a 30 - 40 mph left/right flick. It's a huge bottle neck as the first left is a 90 degree turn and there is only one line through it. Loads of people went straight on, lost it big time on the brakes or highsiding coming out of the corner)

I got another good start at the restart, 15th into the first corner and then took another 3 places during the race, but on the last lap I tried to outbrake a guy going into Edwinas but misjudged it and had to take to the slip road, losing 7 places. Still, finished 19th out of 34.

First Steel Frame race saw me in 15th again and got a good start but was forced wide at Gerards and was down to about 20th. The next 5 laps saw me claw my way back up to 15th and 3rd novice, and then on the last lap I went underneath the second placed novice at Gerards (a good 100+ Mph overtaking manoeuvre, knee on the deck - BIG BUZZ!!) and knew that I could beat him to the flag. Trouble is they red flagged the race just as I over took him (crash at Edwinas again) and as it was the last lap they declared the result as of lap 5. Bugger - 3rd placed novice and 15th. Not bad though.

Then things went down hill - my tiredness and lack of stamina caught up with me and my riding went down hill - I started well but by the end of the first lap I was being overtaken by people I had well and truly beat during the morning races. So not happy with myself for that but I'm going to hit the gym big time now and work on the fitness level.

Lap times were not too bad - 1m 2secs which is reasonable but not setting the world on fire (fast time now is a 56/57 lap). So, plenty to work on - I reckon I can get down to 1min, maybe a 59sec, but then I reckon that's the limit.


Race Report

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Snetterton 22 March 03
Brands Hatch 8-9 March 03

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