Snetterton 30-31 August 03


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Go Star racers in attendance: were:

  • Ian Porter – GSXR 1000 – power bikes
  • Gavin Wheeler –Yam R6 _ Rookie 600
  • Chris Martin – CBR 600 – Supersport 600
  • Franklyn Carter – Yam R6 – Rookie 600

Go Star supporters in attendance:

  • Mike S
  • Chris M family
  • Franklyn C Family
  • Chris M friend John T
  • Ben H

Friday – Test day

Gavin, Franklyn and Ian were booked for the test day but Ian’s car breaking down meant he missed the whole day and only managed to get to the track late into the evening. Gavin (Del boy as he has been called) and Franklyn spent the day testing, spending most of the time fitting the very strong blustery winds, winds that were physically pushing the bikes sideways down the back straight and through Coram’s, just what you want at 150mph !!

The evening was spent in the bar (where else) which saw Gavin upsetting the bar maid when he turned the beer glasses into ashtrays, he then said his name was Ian Porter when asked as they considered baring him from the place! 1.00am saw the evening come to a close.

Saturday – Race day 1

Scrutineering passed without a hitch for anyone, Ian put in some new tyres for the practice session, keen to go and try out his new toys, the slipper clutch, quick shifter and quick action throttle. Practice came and went with the unfortunate Franklyn C falling down. He was ok, only his spirits dampened, the bike suffered minor damage and he decided to pull out of the rest of the meeting. First out to race was Ian P. We all watched from the pit wall. Lap three the race was red flagged and we all waited for Ian to re-take his place on the grid for the restart but he did not come back.

We could see someone down at Coram’s Curves and word soon reached us that it was Ian. If you have stood at a race circuit and seen a rider down at the side of the track being attended by medical staff you know what it feels like, we were all shocked as he was taken off to hospital. Gavin W was next out in the Rookie 600 race followed by Chris M in the Supersport 600 race but both agreed after, racing bikes were not on there minds.

The afternoon saw the heavens open, floods and the whole paddock mood dropping, not helped by one of the riders in the rookie 600 race dumping oil around the whole circuit on the racing line, just what you want in a wet race !! We shut the garage doors and voted it was safer to go up the hospital and visit Ian P. Found him a brand new hospital with his own TV, phone, Internet connection and a warm bed (something you don’t find at the Snetterton camp site) suffering from a sore head and no broken bones. We took him down to the restaurant mainly so we could eat, he promptly got a telling off when we took him back to the ward as they thought he had escaped !! We sneaked off happy he was ok to find some beer.

Sunday – Race day 2

The mood was better knowing Ian was ok so we got back into racing. The weather had improved and the sun was shining. We were lucky to get some more practice passes so Gavin W and Chris M set off to see were the oil had been dumped the day before. There was some cement dust on some of the racing lines but in general the marshals had done a great job off clearing it all up. Gavin W went out in the rookie 600 races improving his time and enjoying the racing until the bikes clutch was not disengaging properly, making down shifts a problem so he pulled out of the last race. Chris M went out on the ageing Honda with the suspension problems sorted from the Brands meeting earlier in the month, made a few minor tweaks and achieved his target goal of doing a 1:18 min lap in the last race. Ian P joined us after they let him out of hospital for the afternoons racing. After the initial shock of seeing his bike, a few minutes passed and he was all ready planning how to rebuild the bike and make it better for the next time he races. A true racer!! (who we have named "Professor Potty")

Ian’s own account of the race:

1st power bike race of the weekend and I was on the one but last row on the grid. Made a reasonable start and took about 4 riders into the first bend. Kept running into the bomb hole and Coram’s too fast each lap having to back of mid corner to correct speed. This was caused by not being used to having the throttle on the stop and just tapping the next gear which means I now need to role the throttle off going into some corners more instead of previously rolling the throttle on when I used to use the clutch for up shifts. It's a bit like swapping the gear linking over to a reverse race shift pattern (you need to adjust your thinking).

Anyway on lap 2 or 3 I went in Coram about 10mph faster than before and had to run wide that pushed me onto the dirty part of the track. If the track was clean I would have kept it but unfortunately the front folded at around 120mph flat out in 5th gear. The rear then came round and I was still on the bike at this stage sliding with it. The bike then came of the track hit the dirt at the edge and picked itself up. Low side to high side flick. I got tossed in the air landed on my head and cart wheeled into the tyre wall. The bike went up, according to the marshals about 8 feet in the air and cart wheeled to destruction.

Frame is bent (hope it can be fixed), tank written off, subframe, clocks, rear sets, exhaust...etc etc. I was also slightly concussed and was taken to hospital because of head injuries, ex-rayed and kept in the neurosurgical ward overnight on constant hourly observation each hour for 10 hours. I was released yesterday from hospital still with a big lump on the back of my head that is still numb with pins & needles and no feeling.



Race Report

Snetterton 12-14 August 05
Brands Hatch  16-17 05
Pembrey 24-26 June 05
Croix en Ternois 11-12 June 05
Brands 30 April & 1 May 05
Lydden Hill 2-3 April 05
Snetterton 12-13 March 05
Brands GP 29-30 June 04
Lydden 15-16 May 04
Cadwell Park 17-18 April 04
Croft 3 April 04
Brands Hatch 5,6,7 March 04
Snetterton 27,28 September 03
Mallory 7 September 03
Snetterton 30-31 August 03
Cadwell Park 9 August 30
Cadwell Park 26-27 July 03
Croix en Ternois 13-12 July 03
Mallory Park 6 July 03
Mallory Park 26 May 03
Brands Hatch 24-26 May 03
Snetterton 3,4,5 May 03
Lydden Hill 4,5,6 April 03
Snetterton 29 March 03
Croft 28-30 March 03
Snetterton 22 March 03
Brands Hatch 8-9 March 03

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