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Lydden Hill 4th 5th & 6th April 2003 Race report
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This was round 3 & 4 of the Bemsee National championship of 2003 being held at Lydden Hill

Go star racers who were competing:

  • Ian Porter - Suzuki GSXR1000 – Power bike races
  • Barry Lukehurst - Race number 96, Supersport 600's and clubman 600's
  • David Daws - Suzuki SZ650 Minitwins
  • William Gabrielli - Aprillia RS 250 - Rookie 400

Go Star members supporting:

  • Rod S
  • Blossom S
  • Sean O
  • Chris M

Friday 4th April.

Barry (race number 96 Supersport 600's and clubman 600's), William Gabrielli (race number 77 rookie 400's ,a soon to be Go-Star racer) and his girlfriend Leigh, Mark Phillips ,Rebecca ,my girlfriend, and myself (Rodders) arrived at Lydden Hill, around 1:30pm Friday afternoon. The weather was very good indeed for the time of year, brilliant sunshine with a light breeze. We set up the gazebo's opposite the assembly area, for easy access on the race days, as there is nothing worse than trying to fight your way down through the paddock to get to where your going!

A few beers were consumed during the process, even though Barry was concerned that we should get the ratio of beers to setting up right! There was only a small amount of fettling to be done on the bikes ,so it was quite relaxed afternoon .We had dinner over a few more beers, and then a walk round the track before dark, as it was such a lovely evening.

Saturday 5th April. Day 1.

It was a fairly early get up for scrutineering (7am) on Saturday morning, it was only Barry and Gabs (William) that made this early call, as us helpers have to conserve our strength for later on in the day ! Ian Porter (race number 98 Powerbikes) arrived just in time for scrutineering, we helped him get set up with ourselves ,as he had given us prior notice to his arrival and we had managed to keep some space for Ian with us in the lower paddock area. With that out the way and everyone through without a hitch, it was time for a few minor adjustments i.e. fuelling of the bikes , tyre warmers etc.

Everyone went out for their 10 minute practise sessions, and came back with only a few minor adjustments to be made. Barry was the first of the racers out in Supersport 600's heat 1, race 1 of the day.

He started in 17th on the grid, out of 26 starters. He had a good start and made up a few places of the line, he had a good battle with few other riders mid pack ,and eventually finished a respectable 13th,which gained him 3 points, and a place in the 600 heat A final. In the A final Barry was 24th on the grid ,and unfortunately went back by 2 places to finish 26th overall out of 29 finishers.

In Barry's clubman race number 1 ,he was 14th on the grid, out of 23 starters. He had a fairly good start and a good race, finishing 12th position and gaining 4 points. In his second clubman race, Barry was 12th on the grid due to his previous result, and finished 11th ,gaining a further 5 points towards his championship.

Next out on the track was Gabs in rookie 400's.He started from 21st on the grid out of 27 starters. With a good start of the line, and some good overtaking and consistent laps managed to get an excellent result with 3rd place and a trophy, for his hard work. In Gabs second race of the day he was on the front row of the grid in 3rd position for the start. After a hard fought race he managed to place third, with only less than half a second between him and second place, earning himself another trophy for the mantle piece!

Next up was Ian on his GSXR 1000 in Powerbikes. He was placed 17th on the starting grid ,out of 29. Ian placed a respectable 19th in the premier class out of 25 finishers, although he did experience some set-up problems which were not highlighted in practise.

In his second race of the day he started 19th,and managed to hold this position for the full race distance. He had to do a few minor adjustments at the end of the day, which consisted of a change of tyre's front and rear and a slight adjustment to the gearing of the bike, to suit the circuit better.

With the days racing over and done with. We went to the rostrum area to see Gabs receive his trophies. Then it was time for a few beers some diner and some more beverages for desert!!! Again it was a lovely evening, but as the sun went down the temperature went the same way!!!!!This did not dampen our spirits as everyone had had a fantastic race day and the atmosphere was very good.

Sunday 6th April. Day 2.

Racing did not start until 12:30pm on Sunday so everyone enjoyed a lie in and a good chance to recover from the previous nights activities!!! Unfortunately it had rained overnight and was a bit of a chilly start to the day. We were rewarded with the sun showing its face just before the racing began to the relief of the racers. There were a few damp patches still on the circuit but with the sun and the breeze which accompanied it ,they were soon to disappear.

Again Barry was the first rider out on track, in Supersport 600's heat 2. He was placed 17th on the grid. In turn two of the first lap two riders came together and Barry took avoiding action to miss one of the fallen riders and unfortunately had a low speed fall himself on the grass at the side of the track. He was able to rejoin and complete the race when it was restarted and finished in 12th place ,earning himself 4 points and a place in the A final. Upon closer inspection on his return the only damage were leaking fork seals and a dented pride !!!!!!!

In Barry's final race of the day ,the A final he started 23rd and was able to maintain that position to the chequered flag, out of 27 finishers.

Gabs was the next up for his races in the 400's.He was placed 3rd on the grid after his results from the previous days racing. He had a good start and was up at the front of the leading pack ,when disaster nearly struck with an ambitious overtaking moreover at paddock hill bend, which saw him take to the gravel, dirt ,gravel ,grass and finally back to the tarmac in 11th position. He managed to claw his way back up to a respectable 5th position, even with the extra weight he was now carrying in the back of his leathers !!!!!!

In his second race he started from 5th on the grid, and was able to gain another place by the time he crossed the finish line. This has brought his point tally to 56 in the championship, and 9th overall.

Ian began his days racing in 17th on his grid. He had a good fight with another rider for most of the race, defending his position to beat him across the line by nine tenths of a second !!!

In Ian 's second and final race of the day ,he began in 16th and unfortunately went back two places ,but had another really good fight with another rider, again for the majority of the race, and piped him to the post by five tenths of a second. It seems he likes to keep us on the edge of our seats until the chequered flag !!!

We had the pleasure at the end of the day on Sunday to meet a fellow Go Star member/racer, David Daws. He is competing in the new for this year ,Minitwins championship on his SV 650.We had a brief chat and he seemed like a really nice guy, he will be at Snetterton on the bank holiday round, so I'm sure over a few beverages we will get to know him a lot better.

In closing it was another excellent weekends racing, with good results all round from the Gostar team, well done. As usual it was an excellent event ,and would advise any members who have not yet experienced the atmosphere of the paddock and track to come down as soon as possible, and give it a try.

This is your Gostar paddock reporter and chef to Barry signing of until the next event ,which is Snetterton on May 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th ,so feel free to pop along to garage number 6 and say hello !!!


By Rod Scantlebury


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