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Mallory Park 6th July 2003, Derby Phoenix

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Mallory Park, 6th July 2003 – Is That the Sound of Silverware I Hear ?

Top day on Sunday.

Finished 12th in my first Allcomers heat which saw me qualify mid pack in the B final - a first for me at Mallory because due to the number of entries they have an A, B, C, and D final. Normally I'm in the D final. So that was a good sign of my lap times coming down - 1 min 1sec to be precise, which was a second better than previously.

First steel frame race and I got a good start but was pushed wide at Gerrarrds, although got a few back arround the outside and was in 11th on the 1st lap. Took a while to get past 10th place and by that time the 9th and 8th placed guys had got a good 60 yards on me. Still, got my head down and was starting to catch them but ran out of laps. Another 2 or 3 laps and I'd have been on them.

So finished 10th (started in 17th out of a field of about 30) but more importantly got down to 59 sec lap times. Anything below a minute is a seriously quick time arround Mallory so well chuffed, especially as the fast guys were doing high 57's/mid 58's. I reckon I should be able to get down to that as there are still 3 or 4 parts of the circuit that I can get on the gas harder and earlier, and brake slightly less. Should see another 2 secs in total come off and that'll be me down to 57's.

Next was my steel frame final. 10th on the grid, got a good start but again got held up at Gerrards and a few came past. Was chasing the lead pack when on the 2nd lap a guy 3 bikes in front of me came off and was hit by the rider following. The guy right behind him also had to swerve to avoid the debris which allowed me to sneak through and take both their positions.

Coming arround to the start finish line the race was stopped, which I was well gutted with because I had been promoted to 3rd novice but felt sure they wouldn't call that a result.

Anyway the race was called as run and nobody knew where they'd finished.

On to the B final straight after my steel frame race and I was knackered. Big wheelie off the line saw me drop a few places and then going into Gerrards I just went backwards. Basically I was tired and my head wasn't in it for racing. Never mind.

Good news though - the Steel frame final had been declared a result after the accident which meant I was 10th and 3rd novice, so I got a nice little novice championship trophy!!!

So less than a year after starting I'm a gnats tadger off the pace of the leading guys, consistently running arround the top 10, and I've got my first trophy.

Cadwell park next (I loikes Cadwell I do) so time to reset my goals 'because I've done them all and we're only half way through the season. I reckon over the next couple of meets I can get 7/8th, or second novice and then by the end of the year hopefully 5th and 1st novice. I think it'll be difficult to get further than the top 5 because of my poor grid position and the fact the races are so short, but never say never.


Race Report

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Brands Hatch  16-17 05
Pembrey 24-26 June 05
Croix en Ternois 11-12 June 05
Brands 30 April & 1 May 05
Lydden Hill 2-3 April 05
Snetterton 12-13 March 05
Brands GP 29-30 June 04
Lydden 15-16 May 04
Cadwell Park 17-18 April 04
Croft 3 April 04
Brands Hatch 5,6,7 March 04
Snetterton 27,28 September 03
Mallory 7 September 03
Snetterton 30-31 August 03
Cadwell Park 9 August 30
Cadwell Park 26-27 July 03
Croix en Ternois 13-12 July 03
Mallory Park 6 July 03
Mallory Park 26 May 03
Brands Hatch 24-26 May 03
Snetterton 3,4,5 May 03
Lydden Hill 4,5,6 April 03
Snetterton 29 March 03
Croft 28-30 March 03
Snetterton 22 March 03
Brands Hatch 8-9 March 03

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