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Brands Hatch : Indy Circuit Rounds 5 and 6


  • Tom Gazzard - Rookie 600
  • Paul Firman - Rookie 600
  • Barry Lakehurst - Minitwins
  • Stewart Willetts - Champion of Brands and Clubman 600 - 1000

Other Gostar members and supporters:

  • Me (Kieran) - all weekend
  • Gavin Wheeler - all
  • Chris Martin - all
  • Jane Martin- all
  • Thomas n Hannah - all
  • Ian Porter + family Candy, Della, Nat - saturday
  • Phil Gazzard and rest of toms family - all
  • Marcus - Sunday
  • Wildcard Photography Dennis + Matt -all
  • Chris Pippard - Saturday
  • Ade Adeyami - all
  • Debs Mrs. RugRat - all
  • Alex Mini RugRat - all
  • Sue Wheeler - sat
  • Conor Wheeler - sat
  • Kelly, Roy n Rhyce - sat
  • Terry Oliphant n George - all
  • Ben Hallett - sun
  • Matt Pankhurst - sun
  • Carl Stanford - sun
  • Smiley Steve and more of Chrisís mates
  • Adeís sons - sat
  • And more family and friends

This weekend was another one for silver pots at my most favourite place in the world BRANDS HATCH. So many supporters of gostar were there too including all the above. I got there at about 7 in the morning on Saturday with dad, mum and conor (brother). And everything was all set up already. In the paddock was Tom (in the big horning) and RugRat (in big Toneís party tent and Scooby Doo mystery machine bus) then Barry and Paul were in the pits, I tried to see Barry and Paul to see how they were doing but was so busy that I only saw them a few times through out the weekend. I also collected up all the results but someone borrowed them. So I am sorry if I am wrong in the Saturday results. I have the Sunday results though. As my dad (Gav) said Saturday was a family day and Sunday was more gostar members and racers that werenít racing this weekend.

Anyways back to the races on saturday as I said I lost the results but I managed to find Tomís and Paulís because there was spares so Iím very sorry Barry and Ruggers (I think it was a 9th and a 6th doing low 51ís)So race 9 for Paul and Tom in the rookie 6ís and Tom got first after having such a good, exciting and scary battle with John Angel and Mike Collins when Mike went past Angel and Collins nearly went straight into the back of Tom, which would have shaken him up I would have thought, then Collins crashed off at Graham Hill when in 3rd place. Then Sheridan who always seems to cause a threat near the end of the race suddenly went past Angel and Tom when the yellow flag was out. So although Pat crossed the line first he ended up in 3rd after a 10 second penalty went down for a yellow flag infringement.

Paul finished up in 22 and was going very well and his fastest lap was a 56.8. Also Tom won race number 21. Again it was Gazzard, Sheridan and Angel battling when Sheridan went down after the esses. Tom and Angel cleared off and Tom pulled away and won his 2nd of the day. He made it look so easy getting both wins and both fastest laps doing 51Ďs. Paul ĎFerbieĎ Firman got 26th. My sisters boyfriend Roy who is the biggest football supporter I know and lives, breaths and sleeps Tottenham Hotspur said ďseeing Tom win was a bigger and better buzz than seeing Tottenham winĒ. The presentation was good again seeing Gostarís number 27 pick up two 1st place pots once again. Then we had the BBQ party which was good to see everyone a lot more relaxed, eating and drinking.

Next was Sunday which I do have the results for. Going out first was Bazza in the Minitwins qualifier group B where he finished up in 8th to qualify into the Minitwins final. Then race 9 and Tom and Paul were out the race stopped after 6 laps and up till then it was Tom and John Angel battling all the way but Tom crossed the line in 1st by .3 of a second. Paul got 29th. Then Ruggers was next out he had an excellent start and into about 6thish but slowly went back to 13th and was very disappointed but after being told by me dad that he was still doing 51ís he built his confidence back up. Barry was then out next again in the Minitwins A final he finished up in a good 22nd position. Tom and Paulís second race of the day was up next on the fixture list Paul got 27th doing 57ís. Tom was on pole again for the fourth time of the weekend and Angel was 2nd, Sheridan 4th . Angel and Sheridan had fantastic starts with Angel leading. When Tom, Angel and Sheridan were pushing each other very hard Angel nearly high-sided and dropped behind the other two All the way round they were switching places and swapping paintwork until it came to the final corner where Tom beat Patrick to the line by not even point 1 of a second. Photo finish. Sheridan got the fastest lap of 50.7 , Tom was doing 50ís well. Tom had finished the meeting with all 4 trophies and the full 100 points.

Tom is now top of the championship with 261 points out of a possible 275.

Next was RugRat in the champion of brands, Stu finished and 11th from another good start getting into the top 5 then getting pushed back again. Then Ruggers had another race in the clubmans 1000 shootout, he was leading the race ahead of John Paul Scott, Steve Thomson (who got second place) and Jamie Newman, at the start for a whole lap when his bike kept cutting out and he pulled out. So frustrated. How can someone get so close to a trophy.

What an excellent weekend. One of me favourite weekends ever.

A big big thank you to all the supporters of gostar this weekend. Especially to Gavin, Chris and Marcus once again.

Well Done to Tom, Paul, RugRat and Barry.

By Kieran Wheeler


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