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 Cadwell Park 17th & 18th April - Bemsee

This was the BMCRC Nationwide Rounds 5 & 6.

Go star racers who were competing:

Thursday evening
Ade arrived to find Rug Rat and Terry had already setup camp, they also helped secure some space for other racers. Shortly after that Steve T and Gerrad F and Tony B turned up. Go Star racers shared awnings ... setup camp.

Friday practice :
Weather and track temperature was good. All racers apart from Terry did all sessions - mechanical breakdown with his race bike. He called one of his mates who drove down overnight with a road Yamaha R6

Ben arrived Friday night with Matt. Ade, Gerrard, Terry, Ben, Matt and girl friends had a few drinks in Steve's motor home. Needless to say, the girls were all smashed.

Tony Bryant & Ade Adeyemi at CadwellSaturday :
Weather and track temperature very good.
Rookie 600 : 1st race - Terry missed this race due to prep'ing the road R6 for scrutineering. Ben came 2nd ...
Mini-twins : 1st race - Not sure,,,,(???)
Powerbike : 1st race - Tony (16th), Gerard - not sure, Ade (15th.
Matt got a 15th in the supersport 600 but he likes grass tracking over the mountain.

GerradGo Star racer of the day was Terry. In the 2nd Rookie 600 race, he came from last position, on a road going R6 and finished 7th. Tony seemed to struggle in Friday practice but come race day was like a man possessed think he's now 9th overall in Supertwins

Ade had some bike gremlins but after 2 flying starts got 11&10 in the Power bikes. Gerrad was scared of the track at first but once he conquered the mountain he loved it got his first ever points, 16 altogether, hopefully more to come.

Saturday night
Rug rat's tent/awning was blown away and woke up half the paddock, .... went with the wind. They had to put it up at 2am in the pouring rain.

shit weather .... it rained and rained. Ade couldn't be bothered to put wets on, so didn't race. David Daws crashed in the 1st race of the Mini Twins. Terry also crashed his mates road R6 on the warm-up lap of race one. Ben won the 1st rookie 600 race.



Ben's race report for a local Wimbledon newspaper

With no Rookie races at rounds 3 and 4, I was very keen to get out on track and racing again. Cadwell Park is rider’s circuit known as the mini ‘Nurburgring’ for its fast blind sweeping bends in amongst the rolling countryside. It is also has what is known as the woodland section which includes the famous mountain where it is possible to get the motorcycle completely airborne. This section of track is notorious for its lack of run off so not a place to be making mistakes.

Race 1 on the Saturday and the track was bathed in sunshine I lined up in second place on the grid and one of the favourites fir the win as my team mate Terry Oliphant had machine problems in practice and did not make the race. I managed to get the hole shot and led the race for the first two laps, on lap three I made a mistake going into Mansfield the step downhill left hander. This allowed second place Andy Petts through, Andy is a local rider and Caldwell is one of his favourite tracks. I managed to maintain a constant gap of about a second or two, but on the last lap I had another incident out braking myself and almost going straight on at Hall bends in the woodland section after that I decided second place was good enough which I got, 2 seconds behind the leader with 3rd place Shaun Kell a further 8 seconds behind. 

Race 2 on Saturday and I made some suspension changes, I got second place off the start but just couldn’t stay with eventual race winner Andy Petts, and this showed with my fastest lap time being slower than the first race. I was not happy with the front end but I managed to hold on to second place 3 seconds behind Andy Petts with 3rd place Shaun Kell, 7 seconds behind. But a good 40 championship points gained which put me 9 points behind current leader Terry Oliphant who managed a 7th in the 2nd race

On Sunday it was pouring with rain conditions were not ideal but I don’t mind riding in the rain, its just not nice sitting around all day in wet leathers!!

Race 1, started and I made a slow start, I was in fifth place after the first corner, I followed the guys in front for most of the first lap but could see I was faster than them in a lot of places. On the start of lap 2 I made my move overtaking for third into the first corner, Coppice then taking 1st place coming out of Charlie’s. I then got my head down and rode. No one challenged me, but I never look behind so I had no idea where anyone was. I was willing them to put out the last lap flag and as I saw it I just thought don’t change anything ride this lap as any other!! I made its to the finish and claimed my first win and I was surprised to find myself with a 12 second lead, with my fastest lap 2 seconds quick than anyone else. Second and third places went to Wes Knipe and John Paul Scott, two names to watch out for in the future.

Race 2 and I had another slow start but this time was down in 6th place. The conditions had got worse with many puddles on the track and visibility minimal. I started to make my way through the field. On lap four I took Wes Knipe for second place on the outside of Charlie’s, then down the main straight he came by trying to dive underneath me at Park corner.

Now I was braking late for this corner and I thought ‘you are just not going to make this’ so I backed off and as predicted he lost the back end, the bike span round in front of me and lady luck must have been with me as the bike missed taking me out by a cats whisker. By the end of the fourth lap I had caught 1st place John Paul Scott and with better drive out of Barn corner I took him crossing the line. But it was not to be as the race was red flagged due to Wes’s crash and I ended up taking second position from John Paul Scott with Shaun Kell in third again.

So my weekend point’s hall of 75 points and Terry Oliphant’s crashes and machine problems means I now lead the Rookie 600 championship by 36 points. The next round is at Snetterton on the 1st and 2nd May.

Rookie 600
Pos: Name Points Difference
1 Ben Hallett 145  
2 Terry Oliphant 109 -36
3 Andy Petts 103 -6
4 Shaun Kell 100 -3
5 Darryl Alexander 91 -9
6 John Paul Scott 56 -35
7 Phil Morley 54 -2
8 Geoff Parvin 41 -13
9 Mark Haire 40 -1

See for full results


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