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Croft Race Report 3 April 2004
by Tony Bryant

BMCRC Club Championship - Round 3. Go Star Racers who were competing:

Another weekend with highs and lows for me. James (Set up Engineering) and myself set off around 11.00pm And arrived at Croft at 4.00am, we slept in the front of the van and only got 3hrs sleep.

Friday Morning Practice day
Practice was fully booked when I tried to book so I was 4th reserve. It rained most of the day, and all I could do was watch from the side hoping to get a place, at lunch time they allocated only 3 places so again I had to watch. I shared the garage with Ryan Harris and George Manners and I think the look on my face all day made Ryan offer me his last session so I could at least see the track, I had already decided not to race if I had not done any practice.

The 20 minutes went by so fast, but at least I knew where it went left and right. I also sneaked out in the Power bike session to get anther look. At the end of the practice day we walked the track to see it up close the ripples, cambers, run off etc.

Saturday, Race Day Race 1
Again raining hard so put on the new Pirelli wets. On the Second lap of morning practice the rear let go and down I went, luckily as it was a low speed one not much damage was done to the bike. The only problem was getting it repaired and scructineered again before my 1st race, which was race 2.

The mad rush was on to change the clutch lever and foot peg and gear lever, I just managed to make it out on the second call. Sighting lap was O.K We lined up on the grid, I was 10th on the 3rd row. The starter raised the flag, I clicked into first and the gear selector fell down.

I raised my arm quickly as the revs from the other racers were rising for the light change. The starter managed to raise the red flag in time before I got ploughed into. I was pulled to the side of the track and again had to watch as the race was started without me.

I can’t explain how low I felt, I just sat in the van for ages. But after speaking to Ian and Ade I knew it could have been a lot worse. It could have fell off during the race.

Race 2
After recovering from my disappointment in race 1 I was really fired up for the next one, it had stopped raining and the track dry. New slicks were put in and the warmers on.

And would you believe it, as we had our first call it started to drizzle. Again the mad rush was on to change wheels, we only had time to change the rear to a full wet. By the time we lined up it was raining hard, and as I had not done race 1, I was at the back of the grid second from last.

The lights changed and off we went I used every inch of the track to over take riders, inside and out. My only worry was the front washing out but I felt so confident in the bike and myself nothing was going to get in my way.

I finished 10th and was so pleased after such a bad start to the weekend.

Many thanks to James, Ryan, George, Ian, Ade, John H, and those members that called to wish me luck.

We packed up and set off for John H’s house, who was putting us up for the night, before the Cadwell Sunday Track day which also went very well with a good turn out of Go Star Riders. But that’s another story.

Tony ‘’Rain master’’ Bryant


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