Lydden Hill 2-3 April 05


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Lydden Hill 2nd - 3rd March

I got down Lydden with my Dad and Chris on the Friday looking forward to a great weekends racing. Last year at this same circuit it was very good meeting and this has topped that one !

The 3 Gostar racers were:
Barry (Minitwins)
Paul and Tom (rookie 600Ďs).

We set up a very big hexagonal awning and put the banner and flag up and it all looked very professional. We had Barryís two gazebos linked up with the awning, the awning we have for the rest of the season.

Go Star camp

An early Saturday and everyone was ready for racing. Also many supporters of the three riders turned up such as Tomís mum, dad (Phil ďivíe got a beer ď) and Philís mate Dave, Dennis and Matt from Wildcard, Rod, Marcus, Jay, Gabbi, Smiley Steve (Chrisís mate).
Tom and Paul were both competing in 2 races today and Barry in 4 races including Minitwins and 400 - 650 shootout.

So first for Gostar was race 5 Minitwins (group b) with Barry racing. Barry would have to qualify for the final in this race he would have to finish in 16th or better, he had a very good race and ended up in 14th , so qualifying for the A final.

Next was Tom and Paul. Tom was on pole but really didnít have a good start, and into the first corner was in about 5th or 6th place, he battled his way back though to get a podium place in 3rd picking up 16 points, it was John Angel who won the race and was going well in this race so Tron couldnít afford to lose any more points to Angel. Paul finished up in 28th with Tom getting the fastest lap.

Then it was race 14 in the clubman 400 - 650 shootout and Barry once again was going very well and completed the race finishing in at 17th. Then Barry had his 3rd race on the Saturday in the Minitwin final he finished in a good position again in 22nd out of 32.

Then Tom and Paulís Rookie 600 race. He started in his preferred side of track, in 3rd rather than pole. He was in a good mood and out to win, again he had a crap start but was on a mission to get that first place trophy, it was an excellent race mainly between Tom, John Angel and Patrick Sheridan. Tom and Sheridan cleared off and it was a very close race between them, when Mike Collins, another contender for a good result here crashed quite badly and wrecked the bike completely, luckily he was fine. Tom was in the lead for the best part of the race, but as they came up the hill on the last lap, on the 2nd to last corner Sheridan done Tom and took the win. It was an amazing race. Paul finished in 24th but his fastest lap had got a bit faster. I compared Tomís race times to the Supersport 600 guys and if Tom would have been put into that race would have finished in at around 4thish.
Then Barryís last race of the day in the shootout and in at 16th another very good ride from him.
A bit later on in the evening and it was time for the presentation and this time they had to stand on the podium. The man on the microphone when he called out Tom Gazzard he joked íIs that all Tom only 3rd todayí, after the four wins at Snetterton. He collected his 2 trophies and we all had had a fantastic day of racing.

Sunday morning was a late start with races beginning at 12:30 with visitors including Jay, Josh and Trace, Little Tom, Terry, some of Tomís parentís friends and others.
So once again Barry was first out for Gostar Racing in the Minitwins (group b) he had a cracking race and was really flying this weekend he finished the race in 11th and once again had qualified for the main final later on in the day.
Tomís was race 9 and he was feeling good he started 2nd on the grid between Patrick Sheridan and John Angel. Mike Collins was starting last on the grid with a different bike. Tom had an excellent start and was first all the way through the race from the start until that same corner up the top of the hill where Tom wasnít so good and Sheridan was good. But this Patrick could not hold the 1st place position and Tom came back on the way out of the turn and crossed the line winner of a first place trophy and 25 points in the bag ahead of Sheridan, Angel, Hope, Taylor and Mike Collins who had started last and made his way past 26 racers.

Tomís Suzuki

Paul finished in at 28th after having a problem with the suspension of which he and Ian sorted out for the next race.

Paul and his Kawasaki 600

Then Barryís Minitwin final race and finished up in 21st.

Barry in flight

Then a tragic moment in the race just before Tom and Paulís race stopped the rest of the races for the day. They will be carried on at Brands in a few weeks time.

So then, a big Well Done to Tom, Barry and Paul. And Thank You to everyone that was involved in Gostar this weekend.
I shall hope to see you all at Brands Hatch.

By Kieran Wheeler, 15

A few more pictures of the weekend:

big thanks to Wildcard Photography


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