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Bemsse race meeting - Snetterton rounds 1 & 2 12/13th March 2005

Me and Dad met Barry, Chris, Tom and the rest down Snetterton. Plenty of support around the Gostar garage. We set up our home for the weekend (THE VAN) warmer than every where else. We also put up the stand what we used for the Suzuki village for anyone who wanted to have a look.

The most amazing weekend in racing for me and I know a lot of others feel the same way about this to. A perfect start to Tom Gazzardís (aged 19) first ever race, He was racing in the Rookie 600ís on his baby Miss Gazzard. Miss Suzuki GSXR600 Gazzard that is.

All the hard work put in from Go Star and Tom over the past 18 months had finally paid off with 4 wins, 4 WINS!!!!!!!

For two years running Go Star have won all the Rookie 600ís first rounds in a weekend. Tom started it off in style by being picked at random to start on the grid in the 8th row in position 29. He had the best start that could possibly happen. Go Star Spectators Gavin, Chris Martin, Ian, Jane, Barry, Marcus, Paulís missus (sorry didnít catch your name) A couple of Tomís mates, Wildcard photography standing on the pit wall watched on Tom Gazzard #27 and Paul Firman #17 all sprayed up in the Gostar Racing colours line up on the grid.

As the red light went out Tom launched his bike from row to row to row up to the top 5 into the first corner, There was a loud gasp and Me Dad said he heard someone say loudly Ďwhere the f*** did he come fromí. Up at the top John Angel #4, Patrick Sheridan #12 and brother of Bob Collins (rookie 600 champion 2003) Mike Collins #71. Didnít expect the likes of Gostarís Tom Gazzard up there with them battling at the front. As they came flying past me and Marcus by Russellís chicane Tom was in forth place and catching the likes of Angel, Collins and Sheridan. We looked at each other and said heís gonna win this. He came past us in the next lap and he had won another place and then again by the 3rd lap. Then he was up against John Angel and after a couple more laps heíd made it and after he had completed the 7 laps he crossed the line and in relief punched the air in celebration. The 2nd race heíd completed the double and collecting all 50 points by battling and beating Angel again as he cleared off in the lead. Collins had made two big mistakes at the end of the back straight which had also helped. Tom, also he had done an extra lap on the slow down lap still going for it big time. He wondered why know one else had been out on the track.

We went to collect the results paper and he was disappointed as he had not made the fastest lap of the race. Paul had been improving also in the same class over the weekend. Barry had both his minitwin SVís in the garage. One was in pieces and the other he was racing. He started near the front of the grid but didnít really get on with the bike throughout the weekend. We went to the presentation evening a bit later on and Tom was more nervous than when he was racing. Me, Dad, Chris, Jane, Thomas, Hannah, Ian, Barry, Paul and missus and of course Turbo Tom all went down in Gostar gear looking great and cheered, clapped and shouted for Tom when he collected his 2 trophies and also very proudly the Rod Harwin rookie of the meeting and £100 pounds voucher.

Tom woke up in the morning and the first thing he said was that real, did I really do that. He was ready to beat Collins and Angel again. He new he would win. Barry had his 1st race where he done quite well and came in at 19th out of 29 in the Minitwin race. He had qualified for the final where he came 35th out of 40 with faster racers. Guys who came down to support the Gostar racers were Terry (nice to see ya mate) and George, the guys from Suzuki, Mario, Paulís mate and TomĎs Mum and Dad and sister.

In Tom and Paulís 1st race of the day Paul came in at 36 but to make up for that result he made a big improvement in the 2nd race coming 30th and before the race he set a target lap time and made it so well done to him. Tom won the two again with flying colours. On the Saturday he was doing low 1.17s and high 1.16s. In the last race he made it a mid 1.15. Still battling with Angel and Collins, Tom was definitely the best out of the three and picked another 50 points and got the full maximum 100 points from the whole weekend. He had come in from his final race and werenít sure who had won it between him and young Mike Collins. But Tron had clinched the win by about a hundredth of a second. YES!!!!!!!!!!! 4 out of 4 in front of his family and friends. Well Done!!! Tommo!

Also Tom even had an interview with Bikesport Magazine and were hoping for a write up in the magazine. Also wildcard photography are hoping to do something good with the team to publicise us more.

A Big Big Thank you to all the people that came down to help the Gostar racers. And a Big Well Done to Tom, Paul and Bazza.


by Kieran Wheeler aged 15 Ė GSR reporter

big thanks to Wildcard Photography


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