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Chris Martin

First involvement in motorcycle racing was about 1984 when I used to help out occasionally with a friend sorting his bike out for a few years. This progressed to a decision at the end of 1987 that my Yamaha 350YPVS, along with me should make our track debut in 1998. The year went well, learnt a lot, won some novice races and crashed a few to many times, but we had fun. Supported by my friends who with out question would do anything to get bike and rider back out on the track and into the bar after. Kept the same bike for 1989 although the colour changed. Had another good year but should have taken it a bit more seriously! (To many hours in the bar) Mainly finishing in the top 10.

Made a big mistake in 1990 and sold the Yamaha and brought a Kawasaki KR1 –250. Had loads of trouble with the engine, the pins to stop the piton rings rotating were wearing out too quick, resulting in lots of pistons and barrels being replaced and no confidence in the engine (just waiting for that next bang!) Linked with some personal problems the year was best forgotten.

The Kawasaki went for 1991 and a mortgage arrived which took most of my cash. Brought a Yamaha 350LC, cash allowing, I used it during 1991/92 until pressure mounted, it was in my best interest not to hurt my self before my wedding! Feeling I was not able to race properly with little cash I decided to stop racing but not retire for good yet. Kept away from club racing for a quite a few years, going to watch was just not the same.

I had a Honda CBR600 on the road (first shape) but riding on the road was becoming frustrating, just to much traffic to ride fast and I have to preserve my licence for my job. Sold the bike May 2002 and brought another CBR600, newer if not the latest spec. Tested the bike at Snetterton and Brands Hatch and generally all went. Made some changes to the bike at Brands Hatch and found the changes worked and posted some reasonable lap times, quicker than I had expected but still a few more seconds will need to be found!

So 2003? Out there to have some fun and hopefully achieve some reasonable results on an ageing bike but also be of some help to the other Team Members / racers as much as possible.

The future? To find and help a future world champion.......... hopefully

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