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Gavin Wheeler

Described by Sean "Tuff Guy" Onipede as "Cheekee Cocknee Bilda"; Gavin is old enough to know better but too daft to care. Earlier attempts at motorcycle racing on a Yamaha 350ypvs and a Kawasaki KR1S were blighted by more enthusiasm than ability and resulted in lots of crashes (some quite spectacular) and several injuries (some quite messy).

Gavin then took up stage rallying in a fully tuned Lotus Sunbeam. He had reasonable success, but despite the help of some good sponsors struggled with a small budget compared to the other teams. The rally car was then sold to help buy a house to hold his now growing family (wife Sue, kids Kelly, Claire, Kieran, Chayleigh and Conor and grandson Rhyce).

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Gavin then became the fastest "Red Builders Van" driver on the North Circular, willing to take on anybody "off the lights". Last year he sold everything (some say including his soul) to buy a crash damaged Yamaha R6. After doing several trackdays he was encouraged by friends Adi Wayne and Tony Norman to go racing.

So here he is now with the support of pitcrew, Simon Young and Kieran Wheeler, and of course Go Star Racing, entered in the BEMSEE Rookie 600's. His ambition is to finish his race before the next one starts.

This year "DA HAMMA #69" will be competing in the the mintwin championship with both BEMSEE and North Gloucester Race Clubs.

Sponsors include:

  • Oaker Construction Ltd
  • Seton Tuning
  • Bike Stop Stevenage
  • Graficom
  • 25 Motorcycle Breakers
  • SDC Performance


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Gavin and Franklyn's pit crew.


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