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Rug Rat

Passed bike test 2000 and done 36 track days

In 2003 I raced with Bemsee as a rookie (600) at every meeting except 6 rounds due to bike blowing its guts everywhere at Snetterton at a round 150mph, but stayed on it.

In Nationwide rounds I finished most races in top ten and had two 4ths. Got a good idea how the kitty litter works at nearly every bend of Brands. My best track would be Donnington, but I have never ridden it, just play it loads and loads on PS2

Best tracks ridden are, well all of them really, they all got bits you are crap at and bits you are good at. Best food was kebabs but got me self a pop belled pig called "hazord "now, and its put me off kebabs, so this year it will be pie and mash and loads of licker YUM YUM .

2004 is the turn of the mini twin season, I thought I may suffer from going from a screaming 16 thousand bitch R6 to a lot slower mini twin which revs out at 10 thousand and only has 72 bhp compared to 110 (ish) of the R6.

But all said my times are coming down pretty quickly so it is encouraging and what is funny is I managed a 51 second lap at Brands last year on the day before a race which was my best ever, but the SV650 I have bought this year holds nine lap records of which one is at brands 51.87 on an SV650, yes, an SV650, my bike, so I've got a lot to prove.

I am out to win this year and keep checking up on RUG RAT as the season goes on lets see if my talk is cheap and that I can walk the walk something like that.

as posted on forums and edited.



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