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I started out with a nifty 50cc crosser which I sold in July 2002 and purchased a zxr400L1. Took me full bike test (after the 3rd time of trying!! doh!) and I was unleashed to the congested deadly roads of east Sussex. Had a few close calls, i.e.. went into a couple of hedges and came to the conclusion that this was fun but would definitely be ending in tears.

After attending a couple of race meetings I decided to do try a trackday to see if I would like it. Did it at Brands Indy circuit in march this year and loved every second of it , had me knee down in my first session. Had one more trackday on my ZXR and could do 55's which felt good seeing as it was completely standard.

At this stage I was bored of 56bhp and felt it was time to upgrade to a cheap 600. Bought my first track bike which was a cbr600 FS 95 model for £1600 with wow and a spare engine, felt really fast when I first road it, but then got to grips with the speed difference and how suspension works and had the bike working well. Was doing 53's in may at brands, then went to Donington GP circuit at the beginning of June which was excellent fun. Had two trackdays at an RAF base which was mad, there was the entire 1.5mile runway to blast down, the only downside were the corners which had much to desire about the surface.

Saw another CBR600 and convinced me dad to buy it , which he then let me ride at a trackday at brands in October which is when Chris and Ian (Race Team Managers - ed) helped me set the bike up which was working well. Had some 52's which I was ecstatic

Did another trackday again at brands which went downhill, or should I say I went down hill coming out of clearways and tumbled down the track and in to the gravel , OUCH! Stayed for the next day which went better but still found it hard to get my confidence back on this corner. Got back up to pace at the end of the day though.

Came to a decision to sell both CBRs and look for a newer bike, which was when I found my gsxr600K1 which I am yet to ride but am hoping to do good things with in 2004!!



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