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Essential Rubber Limited

27 Downham Road, London N1 5AA
Tel : 020 7241 0055


Essential Rubber was one of the first businesses to support our club. The owner of Essential Rubber is also a club member and he likes what the club is trying to build.

Essential Rubber is offering discounts to club members on tyres, chain and sprockets and brake pads from there London shop.

He cannot specify the amount of discount on products (for legal reasons, I think)  however all club members that have bought tyres from Essential Rubber  have been pleasantly surprised.

He is based in Hackney London and opens late on a Wednesday.

Essential Rubber also meets our Race Team tyre requirements.

NOW offers MOT certificates for motorcycles


I went to see my old mate Micky,
Cos my chain was shagged and snatchy,
I asked him to order me the same,
Another gold Regina chain,

When it came Dave put it on and changed my oil,
So my lily white hands I didnít have to soil,
But alas although it was gold, it did not glitter
The rate of stretch left me feeling bitter,

I took it back to Mick and told him I was feeling sick,
This useless chain is as soft as baby poo
Is there anything that you can do,
Donít worry Max, Iíll see what Regina have to say,
Call me in about a day,
Well after riding dispatch for nearly twenty years,
Iím used to my whinges falling on deaf ears,
So I was pleasantly surprised
To go down to Mickyís and feast my eyes,
On a Regina cardboard box
That contained a golden chain and sproks,
Micky said seeing it was me,
They even would fit the lot for free!
And so my friends I have two bits of advice,
One- youíll go a long way before youíll find people so nice,
Two- Donít be a silly bugger, buy your chains and tyres from Essential Rubber!


Max Liberson,
13th December 2002.

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